MobKard to harness VMoney’s loyalty program and POS system


MobKard to harness VMoney’s loyalty program and POS system

Written by vmoney
July 9th, 2015


Mobile application, MobKard, offers its users discounts and privileges from a myriad of merchants, varying from retail stores to restaurants. This intuitive app informs users of both real time and location based promotions triggered when the user is within a merchant’s vicinity. With VMoney’s highly customizable and unique platform, MobKard will be implementing a loyalty and rewards program to allow its membership base, including VMoney cardholders, to avail of exclusive merchant discounts.

Designed to be robust and flexible, VMoney’s rewards and loyalty program can help retailers carve an even greater share in a market particularly receptive to rewards through a seamless customer experience. The program, coupled with VMoney’s powerful data analytics and a complete transaction history that updates in real time, will not only allow retailers to realize their mandate of customer retention and loyalty, but also increase operational efficiencies and simplify workflows.

This newly established partnership will also provide MobKard’s more than 300 merchants access to VMoney’s versatile POS system, which seamlessly integrates with its loyalty and rewards program. Using VMoney’s state of the art POS system allows merchants to instantly transform a mobile phone into a payment register simply by downloading VMoney’s app for free and thus taking advantage of VMoney’s cost efficiencies. With low fees, real-time account settlement and real-time transaction history along with value added services such as inventory management and data analytics, VMoney is excited to partner with MobKard further strengthen its competitive edge.

VMoney’s simple, comprehensive, and secure platform can propel businesses to the forefront of the digital revolution. For further information on MobKard, you can visit their website at To find out how VMoney can assist you or your business, contact