What is VMoney

VMoney is a global financial technology company that develops, operates, and markets leading payment processing solutions. The company’s innovative solutions provide a financial transaction platform that enables businesses and consumers to instantly access, send, or receive money easily, reliably, and securely.

Safe and Secure

VMoney uses the highest encryption on all data and transactions – matching, even exceeding, encryption and protection used by financial institutions worldwide.

Real-time Transactions at Low Costs

All transactions – send funds, pay bills, purchase prepaid credits, and load VMoney cards – within the VMoney network are performed instantly and charge the lowest cost possible. No hidden fees!

Simple and Convenient

With a user-friendly online interface, the VMoney account can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Perform transactions from your VMoney account 24/7/365 and say goodbye to long lines to make over-the-counter payments.

Prepaid MasterCard and VISA

The VMoney Prepaid MasterCard and VISA give users access to millions of ATMs, retailers, and online merchants and can be used anywhere worldwide where MasterCard or VISA is accepted. Load it with funds from your account anytime.

One Account for All

As more and more businesses, merchants, and agencies are connected to VMoney, it will act as a financial hub for paying and getting paid through these channels.

Transaction History

VMoney customers enjoy access to a detailed history of all transactions throughout the life of their account. For businesses, it allows for full transparency and thus eliminates fraud.

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